Student Learning Programs

Ashwood School provides a pathway of learning from Foundation to Year 12 (ages 5 - 18), for students with a mild intellectual disability.  The curriculum taught at the school is the defined and mandated set of knowledge and skills that schools in Victoria are required to teach and assess. 
The Victorian Curriculum and the Early Years Learning Development Framework offer flexibility for teachers to tailor their teaching in ways that provide rigorous, relevant and engaging learning and assessment opportunities for students with disabilities. It therefore incorporates Towards Foundation Levels, Level A-D, which enables students with additional learning needs to engage with the curriculum providing the necessary adjustments to the complexity of the curriculum content and to the means through which students can demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and understanding.

In Years 11 & 12 students participate in the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning.  It aims to provide the skills, knowledge and attributes to enable students to make informed choices about pathways to work and further education. Personal development, students’ interests and pathways for senior secondary students, in the context of applied learning, underpin the design of VCAL.  Students undertake a range of outcomes from the Foundation level over the two years.  On completion of  their two years, students and families are assisted to make informed choices about employment or education pathways.

  • Students are placed in a small class groups with due consideration to age, academic skills, social capability and group compatibility
  • Students have the opportunity to make new friendships and develop social skills
  • Students benefit from individually focussed programs with learning goals formulated collaboratively between teacher, student and parent/carer
  • Individual Education Programs (IEPs) for each student are formulated at the beginning of the year ensuring the educational needs of each student are addressed. The IEPs are reported on twice a year
  • A formal annual review of each student’s progress is undertaken with recommendations made for the student’s program for the following school year
  • Students participate in transition programs at the completion of each stage of their schooling, Older students will maximise their vocational and life skills in preparation for their post-school placements
  • Current Department of Education and Training (DET) directives, policies and curriculum are implemented at each level of the school
There are three sections within the overall structure of Ashwood School:

Primary Department F - 6
Secondary Department 7 - 9
Student Transition Education Program (STEP) 10 - 12