Ashwood School Values and Expectations

Respect showing care and consideration of others, the environment and oneself
Integrity being honest, trustworthy and fair
Passion & Optimism being confident, persistent, resilient and enthusiastic
Responsibility taking charge of your actions and words and actively contributing to the community

Ashwood School follows the School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SW-PBS) framework which aims to improve the social and learning outcomes of students and prevent problem behaviours. 

Ashwood School has three key expectations for students which have been formulated in line with our values.  They are:

Be a Learner We are committed to supporting each other and having a go at diverse learning opportunities.  By reflecting on our mistakes and not giving up we build success.
Be Responsible We are committed to supporting each other in taking responsibility for our own actions and achieving independence.
Be Safe We are committed to creating environments that ensure the wellbeing of every member of our school community.

Ashwood School students have designed a mascot RIPOR which is based on the acronym of our School Values.  We have developed a matrix of expected behaviours embedded with a common language.