Principal's Update 30 November 2020

The students (and staff!) thoroughly enjoyed the array of activities last week for Student Wellbeing Week. This is an annual event and involved much thought and planning from the students and staff. Mrs Yael Phillips was always keen for student voice in the planning and I think she would have been especially thrilled with the 2020 Student Wellbeing Week. Students really enjoyed the bubbles in the courtyard, the free dress day and the Silent Disco. Congratulations to Theresa Merritt the winner of the 2020 UNO competition and I am still not sure who really won the staff versus students T Ball game. The catch from Cameron Marshall though may have been the deciding factor in the winning team!
The next stage in our planning for 2021 is the discussions around class groupings. This is quite a lengthy process and much thought goes into planning for effective teaching and learning class groups. Once the groups have been finalised teachers will be matched to class groups. It is planned that students and families will be notified before the end of the school year of their new class teacher for 2021.
With a change in COVID-19 related restrictions in schools we can now welcome new students and their families into the school. During the restrictions this has been very challenging and Mrs Sue Boyd-Graham has been doing virtual tours and Webex meetings with these families. This also means we can plan our annual New Parents Morning Tea.
There will be a separate email to all current families about the changes in restrictions and what this means for us here at Ashwood in the next three weeks. It certainly is a great feeling to see people in parks, children on playgrounds and smiles on peoples’ faces.

Best Wishes
Helen Hatherly