Principal's Update 25th May 2020

Message from Helen Hatherly

We are looking forward to Tuesday 26th May as our students are returning to on-site learning.  The classrooms, playgrounds, basketball courts and oval will spring to life as students regroup and chat about what it was like learning at home. Although we have been in contact with them while they were learning from home the smiles on their faces will bring a certain energy and warmth to our school.

All of our students are returning to school simultaneously and the staff have been busy planning the logistics of this movement of students and staff. It will be different for our parent community as only students and staff are permitted on school grounds.

We will all learn together about our new hand hygiene routine and our three gates for student arrivals and departures. This process will ensure we have smaller numbers of adults together and will help keep us all safe.

I am very confident as a community we will manage this next stage of our response to COVID-19.

By working together we will keep everyone safe.

Please continue to take good care of yourselves and each other.



Helen Hatherly