Principal's Update: 20th November 2023

Ashwood School Camping Program

Following an unfortunate hiatus, it has been heartening to see our camping program fully resume this year, with all students from Foundation to Year 12 offered the opportunity to attend a school camp.  Our foundation students experienced a day program at our Garfield North Outdoor Education Centre, with our older primary students having an overnight stay.  All secondary students attended the Forest Edge camp with a range of outdoor and adventure experiences undertaken. Our year 10 students attended Camp Narmbool in Ballarat, which provides a farming environment along with a close association with Sovereign Hill. Most recently our year 11 and 12 students were provided the wonderful experience of flying to Canberra to visit all the significant landmarks our nation's capital provides.  All students participating in our camping program throughout the year thoroughly enjoyed the variety of unique experiences and opportunites provided.

I sincerely appreciate the time 28 of our Ashwood staff so willingly provided to support our students attendance at camp this year, and while time in lieu now provides payment for their time, they still have their own family responsibilities to organise through their absence from home.

Karen Overall