Principal's Update 9th April 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

I have been in many meetings this week regarding arrangements for Victorian Government schools for Term Two. One of the main messages from today’s meeting is Victoria is in a state of emergency - we are in a pandemic. Everyone’s aim therefore is to stop the pandemic and this is best done by isolation and social distancing.

Everyone’s priority needs to be the health, safety and wellbeing of our school community. The message for families is that ‘children are safer at home than at school – if children can learn from home they must’. There will be a Department of Education and Training application process for families who have a need to send their children to school. If you require an application form to complete please request this form using the school email address:

Term Two at Ashwood School will be very different to what we know. There will be provision of Home Learning Packs for every student and regular contact will occur with teaching staff. These Packs include a range of experience based learning activities covering every aspect of the curriculum. There will be more information about the collection and distribution of these packs next week.

Please continue to use the school email to contact the school and a response will be made within a 24 hour period. We will continue to use FlexiBuzz and the school website to communicate with families:

Please remember as things around us become more uncertain and challenging we can benefit from soft words, small kind actions, smiles and everyday pleasures. Let’s aim to continue to be the best version of ourselves in the coming weeks, as we look out for ourselves and those around us.

Until next time.


Helen Hatherly OAM